We reach various niches

We reach all kind of alternative cultures from Goth’s to witches.

Quality over quantity

We don’t water down our niches to reach a bigger audience.

Educated audiences

Our audiences are intelligent and have spending power.

High return on investment

Advertising with our Network will get you a garantueed high ROI.

About us

We know queer & alternative because we are.

Morticiana was founded by an alternative bisexual person of color, serving those communities is engrained in our DNA. 

A few things great about us

Obviously we’re not perfect, no young startup is but here is what we do right

Our fans love us

We might not have big scale sites like Buzzfeed but we nurture the audience that we have and they love us for it.

We know our fans

We know our fans, our content hits just right because the content we make doesn’t just relate to them but also to ourselves.

High quality content 

We create content that keeps our fans engaged. Be it in-depth informational pieces or short-form entertainment pieces. 

We utilize our network

Because the niches we operate in are so closely connected we can manage to be part of our users daily lives.